The Dead Sea Turned A Little Black Dress Into A Masterpiece?

The Dead Sea Turns a Little Black Dress Into A Masterpiece

NOTE: This is a HUMOR piece related to Fashion!

Fashionista’s are always looking for a way to find the new “Little Black Dress”; we at Donnard’s ask what’s wrong with the old “Little Black Dress”! Well, artist Sigalit Landau  didn’t think it was anything wrong with a 1920’s style dress, but she want to put her artistic spin on one (see pictures below). The artist submerged the traditional 1920s-style black dress into the Dead Sea and it was suspended in place with a synthetic net.  Over the course of two months, the old-fashioned garment slowly became encrusted in salt crystals — until the entire dress was fully encased in a thick, salty, sparkling coating.


“…It looks like snow, like sugar, like death’s embrace; solid tears, like a white surrender to fire and water combined,” Landau explained to London’s Marlborough Contemporary, where the photographic exhibition — entitled “Salt Bride” — is on display through September 3. People are mesmerized by the surreal transformation of black to white, fluid fabric to solid salt, and we can see why.

Here’s the dress in its early stages of crystallization, suspended eerily in the murky emerald waters:


And here’s the final result:

dead sea black dress
Dead Sea Turns Black Dress Into Masterpiece







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